DENHIA Companies

It is undeniable that with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the whole world, there has been a greater need for developments and improvements in the field of health. Despite the existence of small health clusters in Turkiye, the need for a national health cluster concerning SMEs representing the entire health sector has necessitated the formation of such a union. That is why, in 2021, DEU and DEPARK established the Dokuz Eylül National Health Industries Association, namely DENHIA, in order to reduce dependency of Turkiye on foreign health technologies, to support national and domestic technology production, to increase exports in the near future and to create qualified employment opportunities.

DENHIA, which is a platform that will support activities which increase the competitiveness of the international health industry sector with innovative products at a lower cost and to improve the ability of the national health sector representative SMEs to act together, was awarded to receive ICDP support from the Republic of Turkiye – Ministry of Trade with the Health Industries Sector project proposal it had developed shortly after its establishment.


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