Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) and Dokuz Eylul Technopark (DEPARK) established Dokuz Eylül National Health Industries Association (DENHIA) to accelerate the national health industry and prepare it for the future.

DEU, which established DEPARK -Turkiye’s first health-themed technopark- in 2013, has been rebuilding to carry the ecosystem to the future with its research power and foundation, the health services it offers, the R&D projects it carries out, and the companies that generate value mainly in health industries. DEU and DEPARK, which are aiming to reduce foreign dependency of Turkiye in health technologies, supporting national and domestic technology production, increasing exports in the near future and creating qualified employment opportunities, are opening this new platform for all actors at the national level.

“Dokuz Eylül National Health Industries Association – DENHIA” was established in order to cooperate and collaborate with relevant stakeholders that create value in any field of health ranging from pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology initiatives, from tele-medicine applications to genetic research, from medical devices to wearable technologies. DENHIA will become one of the important clusters of Turkiye with a focused and participatory governance model, accomplish commercialization and internationalization goals of health technologies, and bring prestige to the sector by using the International Competitiveness Development Project (ICDP) and Service Sector Competitiveness Project (SSCP) of the Ministry of Trade and its network. Thus, there will be a significant level of valuation in achieving targets of Turkiye for the year of 2023 and beyond.

Universities, institutes, technoparks, companies, technological enterprises and SMEs which are demanding to be a part of this new foundation can contact us at the addresses below.

DEU …………………… www.deu.edu.tr

DEPARK ……………… www.depark.com.tr

DENHIA ………………. www.dused.org